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Plan RAM CPU SSD Bandwidth Control Panel Price Order
SK1 1GB 2 Cores 35GB 2000GB Directadmin/SSH



SK2 2GB 2 Cores 65GB 3000GB Directadmin/SSH



SK3 3GB 2 Cores 75GB 3500GB Directadmin/SSH



SK4 4GB 4 Cores 100GB 4000GB Directadmin/SSH



SK5 8GB 4 Cores 180GB 5000GB Directadmin/SSH

$ 52/m


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Underlying Server Hardware Node

All VPS is hosted on following server hardware node configuration.

  • Intel E5 and AMD EPYC (2.1GHz+) Processors
  • 256 GB RAM KingstonĀ® RAM Memory
  • RAID10 SSD
  • Support for Multiple OS*
  • DDR3 EEC Memory 1600 MHz

Cheapest kvm vps: frequently asked questions(faq)

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about fast KVM VPS hosting.

KVM(kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a vps in which resources are dedicated and not shared with other vpses on the same machine.So if you assigned 2 cores then you will always have 2 cores available to use its 100%. It is a complete virtualization technology in which each vps have its own kernel unlike openvz which shared the host node(Node in which all vps runs) kernel.

There are two advantages of using kvm vps first stable performance and second kernel modification.First point is acheive because of resources are dedicated not shared so you will always have stable performance.To understand the second advantage i am giving you a example say if you want to add additional swap space in kvm then that is possible.But this operation is not possible in openvz vps(container based virtualization or OS level of virtualization) due to it shares the host node kernel.

Yes, you can install any hosting control panel you like.With HostIcron you will get option for DirectAdmin control panel installation however you can install any contorl panel like cpanel,plesk,Webuzo,vesta etc.

Yes, you can upgrade your cheap VPS hosting packages anytime and just with few simple clicks.You grow as your website traffic grow up but we would not suggest to downgrade due to data loss.

We offer you best and cheapest unmanaged or partly managed VPS hosting services.It means we can install your os for you monitor network 24x7x365for DDoS & hardware interference and install your control panel or other software you require.You can also install yourself via yum or apt-get command with root permission.

Yes,We offer SWIP over IP.Please submit a ticket to request SWIP for your server IP(s). Please include the following:List of IPs Network Name
Customer Name/Business Name
Street address, city, state/province, postal code
Contact email address (except for NL IPs)

Once you order it will take 1/2 hour to deliver your server.If you choose Control panel install it will take 2 hours to deliver.We are working to deliver instantly.

Please open ticket we will reset it for your within 15 minutes.

Yes!You can order extra ip through product addon in client area.Extra ip will release upon ip justification.

No! If you opted control panel with vps.And if opted root access then you need to have command line knownledge to operate your VPS.